Quo VadisAugust 30, 2001

The world premiere of "Quo Vadis" in Vatican, Rome.

Premiere of "Quo Vadis" with Pope John Paul II
PICTURE: Premiere of "Quo Vadis" with Pope John Paul II

Quo VadisAugust 21, 2001

Pope John Paul II will be in attendance of the world premiere of "Quo Vadis" which will be held in Vatican, Rome, on August 30th.

Jan has finished the score to "Shot in the Heart" (Agnieszka Holland). The film will be shown on HBO on October 10th.

Quo VadisJuly 30, 2001

On August 26, Jan is flying to Rome to participate in the world premiere of "Quo Vadis." The premiere will take place in Vatican (Rome). Recording from "Quo Vadis" will be released by Sony Poland, and Sony Classical in August. The soundtrack features Jan's music conducted by James Shearman ("Lost Souls") and performed by Symphonia Varsovia as well as The National Choir of Ukraine.

Jan is currently hard at work on two scores: "Shot in the Heart" (Directed by Agnieszka Holland) and "Unfaithful" (Directed by Adrian Lyne).

New Project.
Jan will compose music for new Adrian Lyne's picture "Unfaithful," starring Richard Gere. The film will be produced by G. Mac Brown and Arnold Kopelson (Fox 2000 Pictures).

New Project.
Agnieszka Holland's newly produced for HBO "Shot in the Heart" will feature soundtrack by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. Cast will include Elias Koteas, Giovanni Ribisi, Sam Shepard and Amy Madigan.

Scene from 'Edges of the Lord'
PICTURE: Scene from "Edges of the Lord"

The Edges of The LordMarch 25, 2001

The composer is back in Poland, recording "The Edges of The Lord" (Dir. Yurek Bogayevicz).

The children in "The Edges of The Lord" Photography: Judyta Papp

The Best Scores of 2000February 26, 2001

VENICE, the Los Angeles' Arts and Entertainment Magazine, published an article by Daniel Schweiger "The Best Scores of 2000". "It (year 2000) was just pretty bland overall, except when the composers cared enough to do something beyond the temporary sound track. To be original. To make soundtracks that elevate the story instead of just living with it." The author lists, and shortly elaborates, on the following composers' work: Clift Martinez (Traffic), Tan Dun (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator), Maurice Jarre (Sunshine), Dan Jones (Shadow of the Vampire), Ennio Morricone (Mission to Mars), Air (French pop-duo) (The Virgin Suicides), James Newton Howard (Dinosaurs; Unbreakable; vertical Limit), Wojciech Kilar (The Ninth Gate), Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (Lost Souls), and Jeff Beal (Pollock).
Here's what Mr. Schweiger writes:
"Kaczmarek's Lost Souls is a romantic excercise in damnation. This subdued, chillingly beautiful score is as horiffic as it is tragic, especially in its piano melodies that would be right at home in Dracula's castle, a far better place for it than the film itself."

Internet chat with JanFebruary 16, 2001

Jan will be a guest host of an Internet chat in STOP KLATKA, one of the Polish premiere web sites devoted to film.

Portrait of Jan taken during his recent visit to Poland by Judyta Papp
PICTURE: Portrait of Jan taken during his recent visit to Poland by Judyta Papp

News updateFebruary 9, 2001

Jan travels to Poland, where he will continue his work on Quo Vadis and help promote Aimée & Jaguar during the film's Polish premiere.