Interview with JanJanuary 8, 2001

Jan granted Dariusz Janczewski an interview.

Lost Souls and Quo VadisOctober 11, 2000

Lost Souls premieres in the Graumans Egyptian Theatre.

Lost Souls opens on October 13th. CD will be in stores on October 17th.

Jan is in the process of writing music to "Quo Vadis", Roman-era epic based on the Nobel Prize winning novel by Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz. The film will be the bigest production in the history of Polish cinematography. Premiere is scheduled for September of 2001.

Scene fromQuo Vadis
PICTURE: Scene from Quo Vadis

New Project. "Edges of the Lord", will be directed by Yurek Bogayevicz and will star Haley Joel Osment and Willem Dafoe.

"Aimee & Jaguar" is playing in selected theaters and is distributed in the US by Zeitgeist Films.
CD is not available in the US.

News updateJune 5, 2000

In June of this year, Jan accepted a visiting scholar position at the Getty Research Institute, starting preparations for the new piece exploring his experience of living at the edges of the Latin Alphabet: Poland and California.

Aimée & JaguarDecember 20, 1999

Aimée & Jaguar earns nomination for the 57th annual Golden Globe Awards in the Best Foreign Picture category.

The Third Miracle and Aimée & JaguarDecember 14, 1999

Milan Records released The Third Miracle soundtrack (731388 35899-2).

Aimée & Jaguar represents Germany in this year's Oscar race. Directed by Max Faerberboeck, produced by Hanno Huth and Günter Rohrbach, Senator Film-Germany. The picture is the story of a Jewish woman (played by Maria Schrader) and a wife of a Nazi officer (played by Juliane Köhler) who fall in love, set in Berlin against the background of World War II. Aimée & Jaguar opened this year's Berlin International Film Festival to great reviews. Jan's music to this film was #2 on the soundtrack hit list in Germany.

Jan and Max Faerberboeck in Berlin during The 1999 Berlin Film Festival
PICTURE: Jan and Max Faerberboeck in Berlin during The 1999 Berlin Film Festival

The Third Miracle and Lost SoulsOctober 27, 1999

New Agnieszka Holland's film "The Third Miracle" had its US premiere at the AFI International Film Festival (starring Ed Harris, Anne Heche and Armin Müeller-Stahl).

Jan has just finished music to Lost Souls, directed by Janusz Kaminski, starring Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin, New Line Cinema.

Malta International FestivalJune 29, 1998

Kaczmarek's orchestral compositions were performed at an open air concert of film-related music at the Malta International Festival. This event is being held every year in the composer's native Poznan (Poland). Michael Nyman, among others, has been previously honored at this festival.

A break from the rehearseal at The Malta International Festival
PICTURE: A break from the rehearseal at The Malta International Festival