The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler 2009

Director: John Kent Harrison
Cast: Anna Paquin, Marcia Gay Harden and Goran Visnjic


Director: Alberto Sironi
Cast: Robbie Kay, Alessandro Gassman and Violante Placido

War and Peace2007

Director: Robert Dornhelm, Brendan Donnison
Cast: Alexander Beyer, Clémence Poésy and Alessio Boni

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story2006

Director: Agnieszka Holland
Cast: Mercedes Ruehl, JD Pardo and Lupe Ontiveros

A Soldier's Girl2003

Director: Frank Pierson
Cast: Troy Garity, Shawn Hatosy, Merwin Mondesir, Paul Mota, Lee Pace
Production: Showtime

Shot in the Heart2001

Director: Agnieszka Holland
Cast: Elias Koteas, Giovanni Ribisi, Sam Shepard, Amy Madigan
Production: HBO

Empty Cradle

Director: Paul Schneider
Cast: Kate Jackson, Lori Laughlin
Production: Papazian - Hirsch
ABC Movie of the Week

Night Owl

Director: Matthew Patrick
Cast: Jennifer Beals, James Wilder
Production: Jennifer Alward, Hearst Entertainment, Lifetime