Wywiad z Janem A.P. Kaczmarkiem dla 'Hollywood Reporter' (H.R.)

MUSIC TO THEIR EARS (Oscar watch, song and score).
Fifteen composers with a shot at an Oscar discuss their work and rewind the year in the most recent issue of Hollywood Reporter.

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
"Unfaithful", Fox, directed by Adrian Lyne
SCORE STYLE: Moody and reflective, with an elegant haunting theme for piano.
KNOWN FOR: 2000's "Lost Souls", 1997's "Washington Square"

H.R. - Hollywood Reporter
J.A.P.K - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

J.A.P.K The early scene with the wind was a challenge. The entire movie is shot so beautifully, so the imagery was very inspiring at any moment, but this scene is one of the most spactacular I would say - the most inspiring scene but also extremely difficult to score. You have this intensity of wind, and wind itself being a hero. I was trying different approaches, and nothing worked at the beginning because you were against this huge power of wind - it's a demolishing power that also demolishes music, when you put those two elements together. I needed to find a way of writing that sort of complements the wind and survives the blows.
J.A.P.K I'm fully and completely submitting myself to fate. If this score is going to be recognized, I'll be overwhelmed with joy. But it already gave me so much satisfaction, I'm not really fantasizing about what will happen.
J.A.P.K I've seen the movie 'The Hours' with score by Philip Glass, and I liked it very much. For Philip Glass' writing, it's such a nice step toward what I'm doing - still keeping his minimalistic engine, he made some very nice departures of the first class.